Software Update BMW 10 / 2015

Heute habe ich eine Software – Update in meinem BMW 320d GT durchgeführt.
Das Update bezieht sich auf Multimedia und Telefon.

Folgende Korrekturen sind in den Release Notes angegeben.

Multimedia (MN-002.034.070)

– Improves music search for Apple devices in Japan.
– Supports Apple iPad devices via USB.
– Remedies loss of sound during music play?back from Apple devices via Bluetooth.
Corrects playback of podcasts.
Removes the brief audio dropout after starting audio playback via Apple devices (Apple iPhones)

Phone (TN-002.034.070)

– Enables the use of BlackBerry devicec from OS 10.3 for data services via the mobile telephone.
Improves reconnection of mobile telephones with the vehicle. (independent of device)
Improves filter function for e-mail and text messages with BlackBerry mobile telephones. (BlackBerry: Torch 9800, Bold 9900)
Improves the audio quality when using the handsfree system. (Apple, Motorola and Samsung mobile telephones)
Improves downloading of messages from mobile telephones to the vehicle. (independent of device)
Improves the reminder function for calendar and notes from mobile telephones. (independent of device)
Improves synchronisation with mobile telephones. (independent of device, with the exception of some Nokia mobile telephones)
Improves the transfer of call lists to the vehicle. (BlackBerry, LG and Samsung mobile telephones)
improves the display of Chinese names in Chinese vehicles. (Android mobile telephones)
– Improves audio playback via Bluetooth. (Apple mobile telephones)
– Improves the stability of connections via Bluetooth. (independent of device)
– Improves system stability when using BlackBerry mobile telephones with OS10.
– Restores the BMW Internet function via customer SIM card. (Apple mobile telephones with iOS from Version 7.0, Samsung mobile telephones with Android from Version 4.x, HTC mobile telephones with Android from Version 4.x, LG mobile telephones with Android from Version 4.x)
– Remedies errors in the voice operation of various Android mobile telephones.
– Remedies errors in the display of messages via Bluetooth. (Samsung mobile telephones)